Looking for feedback, and F'd up social interactions when it comes to making fun and or interesting things in art. Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you!

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Get 10 headshots.

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Get 10 kills.

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Travel at least 1 kilometer in a single run.

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Hoard at least 100 gold in a single run.

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Pick one of my OCs, and give me a suggested pose (SFW or NSFW), and I will TRY to accommodate you. I will not promise, or give a time frame for a picture, but I will TRY to make it in a timely manner if i accept it. It will be a first come, first serve manner, unless the idea absolutely disgusts me, in which case, I will flat out deny it. If you think I am too vanilla, go somewhere else. I have only one hermaphrodite OC as biological hermaphrodites are a real thing. She/he/it (Shit for short) is the only one who can go against my gender swapping rule as she/he/it is a functional herm and can take either role.

DO NOT TAKE MY UNACCEPTABLE IDEAS AS DISCRIMINATION. I do not care if you love men, women, or think your a toaster. That is your right (freedom of expression). Just do not try to force your opinions on me, and do not put words into my mouth (false accusations).

Unacceptable ideas (primarily hardcore fetishes) which will probably grow through the future:

BDSM - Never got into this.

Hardcore femdom - dominate/aggressive/in charge/etc women are ok. But if it goes into degradation, it is a no go.

Degradation of a gender - do not put your misogynistic or misandristic views on me. This is supposed to be fun.

Male/Male - I am sorry, i don't swing that way, and if I cannot find it sexy, I am not going to make it.

Scat / piss - that is like playing in the trash, and then rubbing biological waste products on you body

Guro, and guro related materials - i have seen to many people severely injured/dying in my life to want to recreate it.

Non-role play rape - Everyone must consent.

Reverse rape - the reverse of rape is just consensual sex, IT IS NOT A WOMAN RAPING A MAN, THAT IS STILL JUST RAPE... So if you ask for reverse rape... I will do everything in my power to block you from talking to me.

Violence towards a gender - I know sex can get a little aggressive... I have my own scars to prove it... but direct, malicious violence is a no go. See Guro

Gender swapping I am sorry, but gender is not fluid, or feelings based. If you have an XX gene, your a woman, a XY gene and your male. Congratulations. You passed biology. (there may be a way to get me to gender swapping, but you will have to figure it out, as it will be part of the story of the picture)

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